Technical Articles

Nov 04

October Stronger 2020 - Photovoltaic Solar System Fires

Mark Cousins' article ‘Photovoltaic solar system fires’ was published in the October 2020 edition of stronger, ALARM’s member journal. ALARM is a membership organisation run by members, for members, supporting risk professionals that support our 

Apr 02

Product Recall and Safety Notice Briefing - April 2020

Burgoynes investigators have become aware of the following Product Recalls and Safety Notices that have been issued recently, which relate only to certain models and batches of products.

Nov 07

Themes in Health & Safety Investigations

Burgoynes is best known as a firm of expert fire investigators, but for decades our forensic scientists and engineers have been investigating other incident types, including the causes of injuries and accidents.

Jul 23

Burgoynes Appliance Database – Identifying Fire Damaged White Goods

Current Home Office fire statistics, based on information collated by the Fire Service, indicate that approximately 50% of domestic fires  

May 20

Microbiological Contamination - What on earth could the problem be?

Microbes (bacteria, fungi, yeasts and other microscopic organisms) are ubiquitous in the environment,

Feb 26

MSC FLAMINIA – A brief account of an investigation

More than six years after a catastrophic and fatal explosion on the MSC FLAMINIA container ship, the principal court cases on cause and liability

Jan 31

An Overview of the Causes of Fracture of Architectural and Structural Sheet Glass

Glass has been used since Roman times for windows and since medieval times for decorative purposes.  Initially glass panes were small and irregular in thickness.  During the industrial revolution the

Apr 05

A Master's Guide to Fire Safety on Ferries

Burgoynes' partner, Frank Anderson, has worked with Standard Club and Lloyds Register  to publish A Master's Guide to Fire Safety on Ferries. Read this article to find out more.

Oct 06

The Swedish Club: Don’t Overlook the Risk of Cargo Fires

Cargo fires occur so infrequently that awareness of the risk can slip under the radar. Yet such an incident on board a vessel can have disastrous consequences including loss of life or catastrophic loss of the

Jun 21

Water Escapes - Pipework

Burgoynes has investigated thousands of water escapes over the years and it is with this background that we can confidently say that there have been numerous examples of manufacturing defects, design errors and fraudulent claims. Nevertheless, in our experience the majority of

Mar 21

Domestic Tumble Dryer Fires – Another Hazard - Self-Heating

There has been a lot of publicity, and rightly so, about fires in domestic tumble dryers caused by the ignition of lint on the heating elements. This article deals with an entirely separate cause of fires

Dec 06

Risk Focus: Engine Room Fires

Burgoynes' Chris Foster, Frank Anderson and Neil Sanders have teamed up with Thomas Miller to produce the UK P&I Club's latest Risk Focus on Engine Room Fires. Engine room fires are one of the most common fires on ships owing to the presence of a wide range of sources of fuel,

Sep 09

Fires in Thatched Buildings

Burgoynes was established in 1968 and its 60 investigators currently investigate around 3000 fires a year, mainly for insurers, both in the UK and abroad.  Of these fires, currently about 15 a year are in thatched

Aug 03

Safety Recall Briefing

Burgoynes frequently investigates fires and other incidents involving white goods and electrical installation equipment where the cause is related to a manufacturing or design defect.

Jul 01

Contamination Assessment: A Scientific Pathway to Determining Exposure to an Incident, and Advising on the Potential to Recover or Mitigate Losses

A fire or explosion can result in the contamination by smoke of facilities,