Code of Service

Burgoynes is committed to meeting the service requirements of our clients through our code of service.

Aim of the Partnership
Burgoynes aims to provide reliable, well-researched, objective advice, formulated by appropriately qualified and experienced scientists and engineers, in a commercial environment.

Quality Assurance
We maintain our scientific and engineering excellence by employing and training appropriately qualified and experienced personnel and by continued education through our in-house library facilities and external courses.

Processing instructions
Upon acceptance of an instruction, the client receives a written acknowledgement of the instruction, which includes details of the contractual terms of engagement and identifies the scientist or engineer who will be responsible for the conduct of the work.

We respond promptly to the instructions received from our client and endeavour to take whatever action is deemed necessary to retrieve and secure evidence at the site of the incident.

We communicate our preliminary findings promptly to the client. The course of further work is recommended to the client and is progressed only with the agreement of the client. These initial communications are normally conducted by telephone within 24 hours of the initial scene inspection or on the next working day.

We aim to provide written preliminary advice within five working days of the initial site inspection unless an alternative method of reporting is agreed with the client.

At the completion of an investigation, a final report is normally prepared.

Fees are normally charged on an hourly basis. The fee rates are subject to annual review. Details of the current rates are available on request.

Where the scope of the enquiry required in a particular case can be identified precisely with the client at the time of instruction, we can provide a firm cost quotation to carry out the investigation. If, during the course of an investigation, it becomes necessary, because of technical considerations, to carry out additional work, we shall seek immediate authority from the client to carry out the further work.

Disbursements attributable to the investigation and VAT, where appropriate, are charged in addition to the professional fee.

A fee note is normally issued at the completion of an investigation and after a report has been issued, but during the course of a protracted investigation interim invoices will normally be submitted.

In the event of any dissatisfaction with any of the services provided by the LLP, the client should first discuss the matter with the consultant responsible for the assignment or, in the event that the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the client, formal complaints should be addressed to the Chair of the LLP's Management Board (Daniel Jackson).

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