A fire or explosion can result in the inadvertent release of chemicals, such as the corrosive chemicals used in many manufacturing processes. These chemicals can contaminate equipment, stock and facilities, not only at the incident premises, but also at neighbouring sites. Contamination can also be caused by smoke.

We have experience advising on:

  • The types of equipment that are at risk of damage due to contamination
  • The best methods for restoring  contaminated equipment and stock

We can undertake site visits to:

  • Determine if contamination has occurred
  • Conduct a detailed survey to ascertain the nature and extent of the contamination
  • Establish the cause of the contamination
  • Clarify if the contamination can be attributed to the incident
  • Find out if any contaminated equipment or stock can be cleaned and advise on the best methods for doing so
  • Determine any residual risks and how cleaning, restoration and repair could mitigate these
  • Ensure that swift remedial action can be initiated

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To find out more about our contamination services, please download our Contamination Assessment Flyer.