Academic and Professional Qualifications:

MChem Chemistry - University of Oxford
DPhil Inorganic Chemistry - University of Oxford
CSci Chartered Scientist
MRSC Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
MIFireE Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers


After completing his doctorate in 2014, Jim joined Burgoynes as a consulting scientist specialising in the investigation of fires and explosions. His first 5 years with the Partnership were spent in the UK, after which he moved to the Dubai office, where he has been based since January 2020. Jim became a Partner in 2024.

Since joining Burgoynes, Jim has been responsible for investigating over 400 incidents that have occurred in the UK, mainland Europe, North and Central America, the Middle East and Africa. These have included fires and explosions in factories, warehouses, retail premises, construction sites, hotels, restaurants and residential properties. Jim has also undertaken numerous investigations into incidents on board ships, which have included fires and explosions in machinery spaces and amongst containerised and bulk cargoes. In addition, he has attended live cargo incidents and advised on fire extinguishment and cargo discharge.

During the course of his investigations, Jim has examined a wide range of electrical equipment and appliances, kitchen and cooking equipment, extraction and air-handling systems, combustion and heating appliances, vehicles and an array of plant and machinery. He also has experience of incidents caused by hot work processes and materials susceptible to self heating and thermal decomposition, including marine cargoes such as charcoal and calcium hypochlorite.

With his background in chemistry, Jim is also part of the contamination team at Burgoynes and has undertaken assessments of fire-affected premises and marine vessels to scientifically determine the extent of smoke contamination.