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Burgoynes' Second Virtual Pub Quiz

Posted on Tuesday, 26 January 2021

On 21 January 2021, six loss adjusters, one loss assessor, three fire investigators and an administrator battled it out in an epic contest.  Put another way, they attended Burgoynes’ second virtual pub quiz.  Hosted by Only Connect alumnus Hannah Hogben, the competitors were grilled on food and drink, went barking mad over famous dogs, waxed lyrical about musical places and were generally knowledgeable about general knowledge.  In the end, David Perry inched ahead of Burgoynes’ own Katie Renouf-Barwise to win by a single point.  

David kindly asked that his prize (a £30 gift certificate for a takeaway) was donated to charity and so the money was redirected to the Trussell Trust. Thank you David!

And for anyone looking for something to test their minds, below are nine questions from the connections round.  Question ten: what is the common theme linking the answers?  Answers “on a postcard” to

  1. In The Hobbit what type of creature is Smaug? 

  2. What do you call a three-sided shape with all sides the same length?

  3. What was the name of the television series that followed on from Life on Mars? 

  4. In the Bible, which prophet and leader was the son of Hannah? 

  5. Which actor starred in many of the Fast and Furious films, The Chronicles of Riddick and provided the voice of Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy?
  6. Which 1958 film tells the story of a scientist who turns into a giant insect? 

  7. Which American actor starred in Fight Club and Ocean’s 11? 

  8. In the Harry Potter books what type of creature was Fawkes? 

  9. A well-known riddle to end, what is it that is black when you buy it, red when you use it and grey when you throw it away? 

  10. What’s the connection between your answers?