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Webinar: Forensic investigation - a scientific approach

Posted on Wednesday, 9 September 2020
Last updated on Wednesday, 9 September 2020

On Wednesday 2nd September 2020, Graeme Campbell, a Partner at our Glasgow office, gave a CPD webinar presentation on Forensic Investigation to The Insurance Institute of Perth and Dundee.  The presentation provided an insight into how Burgoynes investigates incidents, such as fires and explosions.  Graeme discussed the process of conducting a detailed investigation and the evidence and information that is obtained in order to form a view on the likely cause of the incident.  Graeme guided the audience through examples of historic cases, using photographs taken during the investigations, to demonstrate how the origin and cause of the damage can be determined

The presentation was well attended online by insurers and brokers, and provided an opportunity for the CII members to learn more about Forensic Investigation.

If you would like to request a webinar presentation from Graeme Campbell, or if you are interested in a presentation on another subject area, please contact us.