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Marine Events in Piraeus and Scandinavia

During the last few weeks, Burgoynes has visited some of our European marine clients to provide presentations detailing our investigations and the services that we offer.

In October, Burgoynes partner Frank Anderson visited clients in the Scandinavian cities of Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm and Bergen.  Frank’s presentation entitled “Machinery Space Fires and Engineering Failure Investigation” discussed the causes and prevention of machinery space fires on vessels.  He also discussed engineering failure investigation in the marine industry, including catastrophic engine failures and problems associated with catalytic fines.  Frank illustrated his presentations with several case studies.

During November, Charlie Gardner and Frank Anderson visited several of our marine clients in Piraeus, Greece.  Whilst doing so they gave presentations on "Cargo Ship Casualties – Fire and Explosion Investigation" and on "Machinery Space Fires and Engineering Failure Investigation”.  They also hosted a lunchtime seminar at the Piraeus Marine Club on the “Forensic Investigation of Marine Incidents”.  Charlie Gardner’s presentations focused on marine fire investigation, detailing how Burgoynes investigates ship fires and explosions.  Charlie discussed causes of such incidents, including bulk and containerised cargo with reference to current industry awareness.  He also presented several case studies.

If you are interested in Charlie Gardner and/or Frank Anderson giving these presentations within your organisation or at an event then please contact us.

Machinery Space Fire

Catalytic fines

Cargo fire


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