Academic and Professional Qualifications:

BSc Zoology – University of Liverpool
PGCE Science – University of Leeds
PhD Biological Sciences - University of Wales (Bangor)


During his PhD studies, Russell used immunochemistry to explore the host-parasite relationship with regard to vaccine development. He later worked as an independent consultant, designing and delivering incident management and process related training for United Utilities (Operations), after which he served operationally with North Wales Fire and Rescue Service for 9 years.

Russell joined Burgoynes’ Manchester office in 2011 and moved to the Dubai office in 2014. Russell returned to the Cardiff office in 2020. He has investigated approximately 200 incidents including fires and explosions, involving shipping vessels, waste recycling facilities, warehouses, electrical appliances, electrical supply and distribution equipment, vehicles, fixed and portable heating equipment, catering equipment, industrial plant and machinery, deliberate acts of ignition and other forms of human agency. These include small fires in domestic properties and large incidents in commercial or industrial buildings that have resulted in multi-million dollar losses.