Academic and Professional Qualifications:

BSc Chemistry and Fuel and Combustion Science - Leeds University


Richard joined Burgoynes in 1981 and became a Partner in 1988.

He has undertaken over 1500 investigations of fires, explosions and incidents of a chemical nature. He has undertaken investigations in Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Incidents investigated include fires and explosions in shipping, heavy and light industry, chemical plant, commercial and domestic premises and vehicles. Chemical incidents investigated include carbon monoxide poisonings, fuel contamination, foodstuff contamination, land contamination, self-heating and occupational exposure to hazardous materials. Marine experience includes the investigation of engine room, accommodation and cargo fires, cargo self-heating, contamination and spoilage problems, and attending cargo fires to provide technical advice. Marine cargo incidents investigated include those involving coal, metallic ores, wheat, corn, copra, fishmeal and fumigation. Richard has particular experience of incidents involving coal. Aviation experience includes the investigation of a deliberate fire and work on 2 incidents involving on-board oxygen systems.

Richard has given expert testimony in the UK and overseas in civil and criminal courts, and at arbitration tribunals. He has also acted as a Single Joint Expert.