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Helen Robinson completes 'Race the Sun'


Helen Robinson, a materials scientist based at Burgoynes’ London office, completed the ‘Race the Sun’ event around Offa’s Dyke on 15th June this year.  She was in a team with her husband, Dad and younger brother.  

The event was so named as it has to be completed within daylight hours. The team set off at 6:01am from the Digeddi campsite near Hay-On-Wye in grey and cloudy conditions which turned into lashing rain and strong winds, but these eventually cleared to reveal spectacular views and a sunny finish. The course involved cycling 34km up and over the highest pass in Wales and then trekking 30km back up, along and over Offa's Dyke and returning to the start point (with routes modified the day before due to severe weather and heavy rain leading up to the event, preventing the finishing stretch canoeing along the River Wye). 

The team completed the event in 7hrs 45mins and were placed 3rd out of approximately 30 teams. 

All of the sponsorship funds they raised went towards Action Medical Research (, which carries out research to develop treatments, vaccinations and cures for childhood illness and diseases.  Helen would like to thank Burgoynes for matching a considerable amount of the sponsorship funds raised.


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