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Mock Trial with DAC Beachcroft and Crown Office Chambers 2019


Following the success of last year’s event in Bristol, on Wednesday 22 May 2019, Burgoynes co-hosted a recoveries mock trial with DAC Beachcroft and Crown Office Chambers at the Friends’ Meeting House in Manchester.  

The 50 attendees from across the insurance industry were given the opportunity to see how a civil Court operates and how witness and forensic evidence is used in subrogated recovery claims at trial. The day comprised a fictional trial concerning a fire at a tumble dryer in a domestic dwelling, and included submissions from Counsel and cross examinations of a witness and an expert.  The Head of Crown Office Chambers, Mr Richard Lynagh QC, brought genuine gravitas to the role of the judge, with advocacy provided by barristers Michele De Gregorio and Athena Markides.  Martin Holmes of DAC Beachcroft played the part of ‘Mr Smoker’, the somewhat eccentric owner-occupier of the fire-damaged dwelling, whose evidence was, to put it mildly, somewhat unreliable and inconsistent.  Dr Paul Jowett from our Manchester office acted as the expert witness.  Paul commented that when on the stand being cross-examined it “felt very real”, and hopefully this authenticity came across to the attendees.  The submissions by Counsel were punctuated by break-out sessions where the progress and tactics were explained, providing a good insight into the background strategy and thinking of the legal teams.

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