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Insurance Fraud Investigators Group Conference

Charlie GardnerOn Thursday 11 April 2019 Dr Charlie Gardner, a Partner based in our Ilkley Office, provided a presentation entitled ‘Forensic Investigation – Suspected Fraudulent Claims’ at the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group conference hosted by DWF Solicitors, Leeds.  

Charlie discussed several case studies, highlighting how evidence is collected and assessed, using our scientific understanding of physical processes, to determine the origin and cause of damage.  Incidents discussed ranged from fires and explosions to paint spills and deliberate mechanical damage.

Charlie has undertaken numerous investigations into fires and explosions in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and the Americas. His land-based incidents range from domestic fires to large-scale industrial fires, as well as marine casualties. He has investigated fires and explosions on container vessels, bulk carrier and general cargo vessels, tankers, cruise ships, Ro-Ro ferries and yachts. These incidents have occurred in engine rooms, pump rooms, cargo tanks and holds, containers and accommodation structures.

The conference brought together lawyers, insurers and fraud investigators to discuss matters surrounding fraudulent claims in the insurance industry.  Once the presentations concluded, speakers and attendees enjoyed a curry at Akbar’s.

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