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Burgoynes’ Contamination Team Expands


Burgoynes’ contamination team has recently expanded to provide greater geographical coverage and to increase the diversity of chemistry expertise, incorporating organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry disciplines. 

The Burgoynes contamination team is equipped to carry out an assessment of premises, equipment and stock in cases where there has been a release of a fire-related contaminant into the wider environment.  In addition to the standard assessment procedures widely used in the damage remediation service sector, Burgoynes has developed a number of highly specialised techniques, which we believe sets us apart from our competitors. For example, by utilising a combination of these techniques to characterise the smoke from a fire, we can determine whether any alleged contamination is the result of a particular fire, or whether the source lies elsewhere, including from historical use of open fires or background pollution from motor vehicles.

Burgoynes has also assisted our clients in the investigation of alleged contamination incidents arising from a multitude of sources. Examples include unexpected releases from industrial plants/processes, and overspray arising from the application of pesticides. In fact, regardless of the chemical nature of the contaminant, we should be able to assist.

For further information about our Contamination Assessment Service please contact Paul Jowett or download our Contamination Assessment Flyer.


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