Academic and Professional Qualifications:

BSc Applied Physics – Brunel University
CEng Chartered Engineer
MIGEM Member of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers
CPhys Chartered Physicist
MInstP Member of the Institute of Physics
MSaRS Member of the Safety and Reliability Society


Steve joined Burgoynes in 1989, became a Partner in 1996 and opened the Manchester office in 1997.

He has undertaken over 1450 land-based and marine investigations in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Slovenia, Ukraine, South Africa, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the Caribbean.

He has investigated land-based incidents involving industrial and domestic buildings, electrical and electrolysis equipment, heat-producing appliances (including gas-fired, oil-fired and solid fuel burning plant), heated animal and vegetable fats, flammable liquids, materials that ignite spontaneously upon contact with air, agricultural and automotive equipment, paint spraying facilities, the printing industry and domestic appliances. Steve has undertaken investigations into explosions involving natural gas-fired plant for drying solvent-based paint in the vehicle manufacturing industry, natural gas-fired plant for steam-raising, the leakage of natural gas into both domestic and commercial buildings, LPG leakages into both domestic and commercial buildings, accidental releases of solvents including hexane and toluene, deliberate application of volatile flammable liquids (e.g. petrol), the high pressure release of hydrogen into a laboratory and the hot surface ignition of rubber pyrolysis products in a large vehicle tyre. Steve has also investigated carbon monoxide poisoning incidents involving fuel gas burning appliances in both domestic and commercial environments.

Steve has given expert testimony in court as an expert witness in criminal proceedings in the UK, civil proceedings in the UK and Spain, an inquest in the Republic of Ireland and a public enquiry into a fatal gas explosion in Singapore. He has lectured on explosions and explosion incident investigation at the Fire Services Technical College at Moreton in Marsh.