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John Manderson

John Manderson


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Stevenage Office, United Kingdom


Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Traffic & Vehicle, Traffic Collision Fraud


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Academic and Professional Qualifications:

MSc Lubrication and Friction – London University
MRSC Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
CChem Chartered Chemist


John spent several years in industry whilst gaining his first degree in chemistry. This was followed by a postgraduate degree concerning lubrication and friction from London University. John then spent 23 years with the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory until 1994, when he became a Partner in a firm of Accident Investigation Consultants.

In 1999, John joined Burgoynes and became Director of the Traffic Accident Investigation Division, with direct responsibility for a team of postgraduate scientists and engineers who specialise in accident investigation and reconstruction. His role involves the reconstruction of road traffic accidents, together with the examination of components and, while most of his work takes place within the UK, he has also worked in various countries around the world including Malaysia, the US, Greece and Europe.